In-house technology

In-house technology

We have our own technology to respond to your extraction, analysis and visualization needs, which we combine with open-source solutions to give you the best solution in cost and performance

Extract and process traffic at 100 Gbps

Detect-Pro is naudit’s solution for passive packet-level traffic capture at actual speeds of 10, 40 or 100 Gbps. It offers an optimal price and performance platform adaptable to most monitoring requirements.


QoS-Poll for WAN allows measuring the typical quality of service parameters established in a network, being able to monitor the SLA agreed with the network operator.

QoS-Poll for WIFI

QoS-Poll for WiFi allows to measure the performance of a WiFi network, from the real point of view of the quality perceived by a user.


TeCLA is a tool for evaluating the quality of the end-user experience in remote and cloud interactive application environments (VDIs, CIAs, Cloud-Based Interactive Applications)

RTP Tracker

RTP-Tracker is naudit’s solution for monitoring Voice over IP (VoIP) traffic. It is a system that combines hardware and software to analyze the signaling and record the calls that are made.