Build Your Own Cybersecurity Team


Build Your Own Cybersecurity Team

A company’s own cybersecurity team with external support embedded in the daily operations and professional growth of the team

Value proposition:

Shadowing in the workplace

Certified professionals who accompany the team in their daily tasks, working to achieve their independence

Training on the job

Personalised training in day-to-day tasks and with top-level external training resources (university chair)

Team Creation

Support in the selection processes of the team and intensive initial training, bootcamps according to the generalist profile of entry

Establishment of procedures and certifications

Experts in the fields of red team/blue team, penetration testing, infrastructure security, cloud security, code auditing and legal

Notices & SOC 24×7

Notification of new vulnerabilities and actions that may specifically affect the company

Continuous improvement

Technological improvements prioritizing open solutions, support in choosing suppliers.

Benefits for the company:

Improved service with dedicated staff, with business knowledge, greater control and flexibility, and better internal communication

Reduce dependence on external suppliers and in a second phase reduce costs.

Being able to incorporate personnel without prior expertise in cybersecurity and yet operational from the first weeks